1- Core Body Strengthening
Back and neck pain is most common problem in construction workers and tradesmen and the main reason is the weak core. Your body core is involved in almost each and every movement you do. Then how we can afford to ignore it. To strengthen your core think about exercises which strengthen your core muscles e.g. leg raise, crunch, table top leg raise, planking and straight leg crunches. Do not worry even if you start from very small and short exercises but make sure you warm up properly before starting exercise.

exercises for construction workers

2- Circuits
Human body is an amazing machine and doing repetitive movements wrongly can lead to pains in various areas like elbow, shoulders, knees and wrists. You can add circuits into your routine to keep your body fit. Just choose 8-10 exercises, plan them properly and then alternate the exercises. This will ensure that different muscles are involved in the exercise.

3- Aerobic Exercises
We know as a construction worker you are on the move all the time. But you still need to know how much work activity you are performing and the best way is to have some sort of app/device. This will give you a better idea about your work activities. Based on this data then you can chalk out your plan. Indoor/outdoor cycling, jogging, gardening, and plyometric are good options. Again you can start small and then build on that.

4- Casual Team Games
On weekends and holidays you can join some team games according to your likes and choice. For example Badminton, football and cricket etc. These games are extremely helpful in maintain physical as well as mental health.

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