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How to get your CSCS Green  Labourer Card

Many prospective workers do not know which card to apply for and how much it will cost. For many people, applying for CSCS green card may be very confusing too. It is important for you to understand what CSCS card you need and what qualifications/training will be required for this card.

Following are the simple steps which explain who needs CSCS green card and the ways to get it.

What is CSCS Green Card?

Anyone who wants to work at construction sites especially at entry level positions needs a basic green labourer card. This card allows you to enter and work at construction sites. Apart from labourers, this card is also needed for many other jobs and occupations like Traffic Marshals, Fire Marshals, Security guards, Welfare facilities staff and cleaners, although this list is not exhaustive.

cscs green card

Step 1

For green CSCS card you need one of the following qualifications:

Level 1 Health and Safety in Construction Environment is most popular and certificates are usually available within one week. The fee varies depending on the awarding body and college you attend.

cscs test

Apart from Level 1 Health and Safety in Construction Environment following are some of the other qualifications which are acceptable for CSCS green card:

  • A valid JTJ Introduction to Construction Course Certificate
  • One day Site Safety plus Health and Safety Awareness Certificate
  • Priest man Associates, Principles of Construction Site Health and Safety Certificate
  • COSAC – Safe2Site Course
  • DSA Health and Safety Awareness Course certificate
  • ESP Foundation into Construction Course
  • IOSH Working Safely – via face to face assessment ONLY
  • RQF Level 1 Award Health and Safety in a Construction Environment
  • Rushmoor Borough Council Health and Safety in Construction Environment L1
  • SCQF L5 REHIS Elementary Health and Safety Certificate
  • Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) Core Construction Course
  • Steve Hoskin Construction Induction Course (SHC) – Employees only

Step 2

After getting your training and qualifications, now you require to sit a CITB Health and Safety test (also known as CITB computer test). The duration of this test is 45 minutes and comprises 2 sections. First section is based on 3 behavioural case studies and total marks for this section are 12 and you have to get 3 marks out of each category to pass. The general section have 38 questions from various categories. You must pass all categories.

  • the pass mark for each case study is 3: and you also have to score 10 out of 12 overall.
  • the pass mark for each core knowledge category is 1, and you also have to score 32 out of 38 overall.

It is possible that you get 42 marks overall and still fail as you have not achieved required pass marks in one or more of the category/categories.

citb cscs card test

To book CSCS Test you can go on CITB test website or click here. For test preparation you can buy the book from any high street bookshop or download CITB HS &E application. The price for this application is £5.99. There is CSCS mock test preparation available on this site.

The price to book CSCS labourer card test is £21 and you can book CSCS test through any CITB CSCS Test centre which is near you.

Step 3

After doing the qualifications from step 1 and passing CSCS test you are ready to apply for your card. But while you are applying for your card, send your qualification certificate to CITB through their Email Now you are ready to apply for your card by calling the number      0344 994 4777, by post or online. If you apply your card by post it may take up to 15 days. The fee to apply for this card is £36 and you can pay through debit or credit card. The card is normally posted the next working day if applied by phone or online.

level 1 health and safety course

Can I get CSCS Card if I do not have any qualifications?

The simple answer is yes but it is limited to certain conditions and situations. If you fulfil one of the following conditions then you can apply for the CSCS card.

  • If you are a trainee and are registered for a qualification that leads to a skilled CSCS card (NVQ/SVQ) (But you will still need to CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test). This card is for 5 years and you cannot renew it but you will get the skill based card.
  • If you are on a recognised apprenticeship program
  • You can get CSCS card as experienced worker especially if you have craft and operative job experience.
  • Supervisors and managers can also get CSCS card on the basis of job experience.

How long it will take

Cards arrive within 20 days of applying. You need to contact CITB If your card did not arrived within five weeks of your application as after 90 days your application will be considered closed and you have to pay again to reprocess your application.

cscs card citb test cscs green card

In a Nutshell

To make it simpler for you to get Green CSCS card, you must have completed CSCS 1 Day Course which is also known as Level 1 Health and Safety in Construction Environment. Apart from 1 Day training Course you also need to pass CITB Health, Safety and Environment test. Once you got both of these, then you can apply for your Green Labourer Card either by calling 0344 99 44 777 or by post.

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