To meet the required health and safety standards, all business owners are responsible that their working environment complies with all regulations related to building.
No matter what type of your business is and how many people are employed, fire safety should always be a major concern.
Fire Risk Assessment
Following steps should be taken while carrying out the fire risk assessment.
A. Identification of potential fire hazard- stating anything that could start a fire
B. Identification of the people at risk- make a note of the people who are at greater risk e.g. elderly or disabled
C. Actions on findings- evaluation of potential risks and ways to reduce or remove them
D. Record- Always keep the record of the findings, prepare an emergency plan and arrange fire safety training
E. A fire risk assessment should be dynamic and all findings should be updated regularly
Fire risk assessment must be done by the responsible person for fire safety and with the help of fire safety risk assessment guides. Different types of guides are available based on the type and nature of business. There are important things to consider while making fire risk assessment to ensure that it’s valid and reliable assessment. These consist of chalking out emergency routes and exits, recognition of fire warning systems and suitable firefighting equipment. For employees and anyone else on the site must be informed about fire risks and safety, and employees should be informed about it.

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